Physical Products

Selling Physical Products


If you are installing ExchangeWP for the first time, you'll be able to select Physical Products as one of your product types during the Quick Setup. You can also enable/disable the Physical Products product type by going to  ExchangeWP > Add-ons and click the Disabled button to the right of the Physical Products add-on.

Once the add-on has been enabled, you will see the Add Physical Product option in the ExchangeWP menu (if this is the only product type you have enabled, you will only see Add Product).

Creating a Physical Products in ExchangeWP is the same as creating any other product.

You'll start by giving your Physical Products a title and set a price.

If you have the Recurring Payments Add-on installed and enabled, you can create a Recurring Payment so that your customer is automatically charged monthly or yearly for their Physical Products.

Then you'll give your Physical Products a basic description and you can set images for the product as well.

If you have the Simple Shipping Add-on enabled, you'll see your shipping options beneath the product description.

Last, you have the Advanced Options for your Physical Products.