ExchangeWP Add-Ons: Stripe

We love Stripe because it is easier to use and setup than Paypal with great documentation and features.


Stripe now supports US, Canada, UK, France, Ireland and the Netherlands. Don't see your country not supported yet? Be sure to signup at Stripe to be notified when it is!

You’ll first need to  setup an account at  

To start using Stripe with Exchange, you’ll first need to install and activate the Stripe add-on in your site’s plugins and then enable it in Exchange.

Once the add-on is enabled, you should see a gear symbol next to the Enabled button where you’ll need to enter some information about your Stripe account

In your Stripe dashboard, go to Your Account > Account Settings in the top right of the screen.

From there you’ll find your API Keys.

You’ll take copy those keys and paste them into your Exchange Stripe settings.

Also in your ExchangeWP Stripe settings, you can edit how will your purchase button and enable the Stripe test mode so that you can make test purchases on your site.