Introduction to ExchangeWP Add-Ons

ExchangeWP Add-Ons are features that you can add or remove depending on your needs. Selling your stuff should only be as complicated as you need it to be. ExchangeWP comes with a number of built in Add-on features to enhance the functionality of your online store. 

In the Add-ons page, you will see tabs to show all of your add-ons, only those add-ons currently enabled, only those add-ons currently disabled and a Get More tab that will show any add-ons you don’t yet have.

To enable an add-on, simply click the Disabled button to the right of the add-on. Disabling a plugin works the same way; you’ll just click the Enabled button to deactivate the add-on. 

You’ll notice a gear symbol next to the Enabled button on some of your add-ons. This means that that particular add-on has settings you can adjust. For instance, if you click the gear symbol next to the Digital Downloads add-on, you’ll see that you have the option to allow your customer to make a purchase without registering or logging in.