Introduction to ExchangeWP

Sell Your Stuff Online in Under 5 Minutes

We've made it easy to get your store up and running by making the process simple. Just install, activate, choose your payment methods and start adding your products.

A Simple Interface

Your products are not blog posts. So we created an experience that makes creating products simpler and more intuitive.

Simple but Extendable

An online store can get pretty complicated. And not everyone needs the same things. With ExchangeWP, many features are split into add-ons. You only see what your store needs, making it simple to use and manage.

Get Paid with PayPal or Stripe

We designed ExchangeWP's purchase experience with Stripe as the ideal payment gateway. Stripe is awesome. If you've used it, you know.

Not ready for Stripe yet? ExchangeWP supports PayPal Standard out-of-the-box.

Customer Management Made Easy

We don't create our own database tables for users. We use the same built-in WordPress user system and add customer data to its own page, making it simple to edit their transactions, view available downloads and make customer notes for your reference.