Adding A License Key

To receive updates and support for any ExchangeWP add-on, you will need to add the license key. Adding a license key is easy and the steps below will help you to add a license key to any add-on.

1) You'll need to access your account on ExchangeWP and click on the License tab. (*Note the link will take you directly there)

2) Once you've got the license for the add-on you want to license, go over to your site go to Exchange > Add-Ons.

3) Next, find the add-on you want to license and click the the settings button. It's marked below.

4) Once on the add-on's setting page, you'll see similar fields like the ones below. This is where you will enter your license key.

Add the license key, save changes and activate the license.

5) With that, you have successfully licensed your add-on.